Cosmetic Companies


The creation and development of cosmetic formulations is no longer a “black art” but a complex scientific and commercial process. To successfully develop new products with commercial viability, extensive knowledge and experience of raw materials, technology, compatibility, tolerance and regulations is required. The mountain of information needed for product development also necessitates the ability to filter the most useful and relevant facts and to prioritise effectively.

Only this way can individuality, progress and quality be guaranteed.

Cosmacon is a cosmetic development specialist company. The above mentioned expertise is our metier and is at your disposal. We merge all of the given information, create formulations using the best substances to fit your brief in our laboratory and test the results for you.

This is why our expert consulting and guidance is a core part of our services. Our ideas and opinions are based on more than 25years experience in the development and marketing of cosmetics.

Once a product has been developed and released after careful testing for physical and microbiological stability, it is also advisable to perform functionality tests. Functionality tests may not be a regulatory requirement, but an innovative and substantiated functionality claim offers you a significant competitive advantage by differentiating your product from the competition.

A safety evaluation is required. We work closely with our partner toxicologists, chemists and biologists to provide the required assessments for you so that you don´t have to worry about safety compliance.

We can also act as your “Responsible Person” to oversee your compliance as required by current EU Cosmetic Regulations.

We can develop all kinds of cosmetics for you – just give us a call!


Services for cosmetic producers

  • Development of individual cosmetic formulations for your Brand
  • Production of batches from 3Kg-10t
  • Provide you with documentation compliant with cosmetic regulations and GMP
  • Strict compliance with German and European regulations
  • Further development of your existing cosmetic formulations
  • Cost and efficiency optimisation of existing products and processes
  • Analysis and stability testing through our partners
  • Functionality testing and certification through our partners
  • Dermatological and toxicological testing through our partner
  • Advice and testing for appropriate conservation systems ( e.g. paraben-free, MIT-free) and organisation of microbiological tests through our partners
  • We can work in cooperation with you throughout the whole process from development through to production, including stability testing.

Just call us and tell us what you need!

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