Certification, certificare, certified

When we look around in a shop or look at the product descriptions of an online shop, we notice that more and more articles have a so-called certification. In the cosmetics sector, we can observe this particularly often. Many people ask themselves what this is all about. What exactly is a cosmetics certification? And what does it actually mean?

A cosmetics certification proves that a product meets certain requirements, norms, and standards, thus it is a form of quality assurance. Sometimes it is awarded permanently, but in many cases, it is also awarded for a limited period of time. Certification is carried out by special institutions and certification bodies that are accredited and independent. They only award a cosmetics certification if all the required criteria are 100 percent fulfilled. Strict inspections are necessary for this.


What does a cosmetics certification offer to consumers?

Customers are increasingly turning to cosmetics that are certified, because the seal creates a lot of trust. Buyers want to be able to rely on their product and use it without hesitation, be it in terms of animal welfare, the absence of microplastics or skin compatibility. A seal satisfies this demand. Thus, a cosmetics certification is a powerful sales argument for the supplier, which he does not want to do without.


Certification: often a very lengthy process

Although certifications are sales-promoting, many cosmetics companies roll their eyes in annoyance when it comes to the subject of cosmetics certification. Why? Because the process is usually extremely lengthy and time-consuming. Cosmetics suppliers must first sign a contract with the desired seal provider. Then the formulation is submitted to the seal provider. It usually takes several weeks until a response is received. This usually includes the request for more detailed information on the raw materials used. So, the desired information has to be requested from the raw material suppliers, which in turn can take up to eight weeks. Once the missing information is finally available, it has to be submitted to the certifier, who carries out another check. This, of course, also takes time. Then, finally, the certification of the products can be carried out. In unfavourable cases, the seal provider asks for information several times in a row. Then the process is even slower and can take up to half a year. Actually, the product could have been manufactured long ago during this period of weeks or even months. But this is not possible, because the hoped-for seal is still missing before the packaging can be printed. No wonder that companies do not react enthusiastically to the topic of certification!


Retailers and their role in cosmetics certification

Many cosmetics companies feel pressured by retailers. Retailers demand certification for their products, otherwise they will not sell them. The reason is the generally high acceptance of the seals, which have become standard in quality management. If products have a cosmetics certification, they offer much more than just compliance with legal requirements and standards. The manufacturers thus make a promise of safety and quality, which is advantageous for both the retailer and the consumer.


The Cosmacon certificates

We know that many of our customers would like to be independent of the seal providers. To meet this wish, we now offer our own certification. In this process, all raw materials are tested by an independent safety assessor. The entire process only takes a maximum of ten working days. So, you save a lot of time and can bring your products to market much earlier. This gives you the opportunity, for example, to be one step ahead of your competitors. In addition, we only charge a one-time fee of 250 euros for Cosmacon cosmetics certification. This not only saves you time, but also a lot of money, because classic certifications are significantly more expensive.


We currently offer the following certificates for cosmetic products:

- animal welfare

- microplastic-free

- vegan

- UV filter according to the Hawaiian Reef Act

- dermatological skin compatibility (normal and sensitive skin)

-Natural cosmetics certification according to ISO 16128

- Clean Beauty


The entire certification process is completely uncomplicated and transparent according to current scientific criteria. Without unnecessary frills and, of course, without high or hidden costs. Cosmacon's cosmetics certification thus provides you with a real competitive advantage in the simplest way possible. All you have to do is decide on a seal, and we will take care of everything else for you.


Independent certification without ifs and buts

A maximum of ten working days, a fee of 250 Euro, and your products will receive an independent, reputable, and professional cosmetics certification. Without any hidden costs and unnecessary effort. Learn more about our cosmetics certification and let us advise you! We will be happy to present our certificates to you in more detail and are always available to answer your questions.