Your own cosmetics brand

From the idea to the formulation and design to the finished product - everything from a single source: as formulation and marketing specialists, we accompany you on the way to launching your own cosmetics line on the market.


Our professionalism in product design, organization and development gives you 100% certainty that you are offering an excellent, high-quality product. And the best thing is: with us, you only ever have one contact person.

When developing your own cosmetics brand, we start with a concept and the positioning of your brand:

  • Analysis of the current situation and definition of strategic goals
  • Development of the brand name
  • Development of logo, seal and design
  • Selection of suitable packaging
  • Development of the product fragrance

Our expertise for your products

The cosmetics market is very dynamic. The demands and knowledge of consumers with regard to ingredients and their effectiveness in products are constantly increasing. Thanks to the Internet, new products and active ingredients that are marketed as innovations anywhere in the world are also available in Germany the next day. Consumers are also placing increasing value on natural or vegan ingredients. The demand for natural cosmetics is also growing steadily. We are constantly on the move in international markets, at trade fairs, congresses and seminars and have a global network of raw material and active ingredient manufacturers. This knowledge flows into our product development. We combine the latest research results with our experience from over 25 years of cosmetic product development. All of this benefits your product.

We develop your product range

We have a wide range of market-ready formulations that meet BDIH, Natrue and organic certification standards and stand up to external cosmetics analyses. We only use quality raw materials whose effectiveness we are convinced of and whose by-products are known. This is the only way we can guarantee excellent tolerability and effectiveness.

And: Our development costs are fixed prices. This means you know from the outset exactly what costs you will incur. This gives you planning security.

The cosmetics we produce for you come from our own laboratory in Schenefeld. It is developed here and we are also happy to organize the manufacture of your products - all "Made in Germany".

We handle the procurement of packaging materials and raw materials as well as the organization of production. If you wish, we can also use the materials you provide and work together with your specialist departments or external service providers. We pay attention to quality when purchasing raw materials and active ingredients. We source all our raw materials from long-standing partners who also supply the major multinational cosmetics companies.

Full quality - no risk

The legal requirements for cosmetic products have increased significantly in recent years. As a full-service provider, it is a matter of course for us to fulfill these framework conditions. We develop, produce, document and label all products in accordance with the current European Cosmetics Regulation. We are so confident of the quality of our work that we will also take on your mandate as the "responsible person" if you wish.

Quality and product safety are our top priorities. Your finished product is put through its paces: Stability, packaging and dermatological compatibility tests, bacterial load tests, proof of efficacy under in-vitro or in-vivo conditions, market research and safety assessments - we have these services carried out and documented for you by independent institutes. We have been working together with regular partners for many years.

We support your marketing

Our work does not end with production. A high-quality and attractively packaged product must also be well placed on the market so that customers will buy it. We can also support you here.

For your own cosmetics brand to be a success, the entire team must be behind it. That's why we train your employees, explain active ingredients, concepts and the idea behind the product. This gives them the know-how and tools to bring the product to customers. Our services also include the creation of advertising materials. We produce flyers, brochures, your own seals and training materials for you, as well as special editions of your product: travel sizes, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter or Halloween editions arouse the interest of customers.

We would like to accompany you in the long term and regularly introduce you to new active ingredients or innovations. We design mainstream products as well as unusual items.

Whatever your requirements - please contact us.

Our products as a cost-effective start to your own cosmetics brand

When launching your own cosmetics brand or line, the costs must remain manageable. Cosmacon has now pre-developed over 80 products here, which you can purchase from 25 units. These products come in modern packaging with your logo on a single-color label. They are ideal for supplementing your individual cosmetics or as a starter kit.

Select the products you are interested in and follow the links for a brief description of the cosmetic products available. There is sure to be something for you.