Exploiting raw materials, active ingredients & marketing potential

Raw materials

Do you supply raw materials or active ingredients to the cosmetic industry? Do you have a fabulous new ingredient that has not been fully explored to see what it is capable of? Or has your ingredient been on the market for several years with dwindling sales?

The potential of many raw materials and active ingredients is often not fully realised. Of course, it makes sense to position a new material as having a principal use. Experience has shown us that many raw material suppliers do not realise what an unpolished diamond they are selling.

Communicating new discoveries and new properties of an established raw material will support sales and stimulate the interest of developers. New facets of a raw material can lead to new ideas and claims for a particular product. The ingredient or raw material is known to the company and listed in their protocols meaning it could be implemented sooner in new products - a great advantage to the supplier. In comparison, a new material will always face questions: What is better established or new? What properties are more exciting and technically innovative?

Each new question draws out the time to market and adds risk to the end product.

If you succeed in further developing your already established materials by presenting new research results, your old material will always remain current and innovative and contribute to your reputation and profitability.

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