Our Lab

In our professional applications laboratory, we can support you in the development of the highest quality formulations and in the screening and evaluation of raw materials. We can also work with you closely on the development of entire new cosmetic lines.

We offer stability studies and targeted functionality testing and a multitude of other technical services. We apply our cosmetic development experience, and knowledge of market trends, to the evaluation of the raw materials that we receive from leading suppliers in order to create frame formulations, innovative applications and new claims.

We are also happy to work in our customers´ laboratories, or to combine our facilities and theirs providing “lab-to-lab” support. We work closely with the application labs of raw material suppliers, cosmetic developers and producers and in this way can provide technical support to their partners.

The result is that our customers benefit from near-to unlimited technical resources and flexible laboratory capacity.

Because we are independent, and have no specific allegiance to any particular supplier, we can always offer you the optimum confidentiality and objectivity in our testing.

Services we provide from our laboratory: 

  • Testing for hair care and styling products (Curl retention, Strand wash tests, Colour fading etc.)
  • Sensory studies, rheological studies such as viscosity and stability testing
  • Cycle testing/ storage testing in programmable climate cabinets
  • Optical Microscope studies such as emulsion dispersion checks
  • LUMIfuge® / Centrifuge studies to predict long-term stability
  • Silverson Mixer L5M with standard and duplex for quantities up to 12Kg
  • Stephan Mixer for quantities up to 3Kg
  • UltraTurrax, Heidolph Mixer, IKA Mixer and pH meter