Services for cosmetic industries

With over 25 years’ experience in the cosmetic industry, Cosmacon can support and guide your company through product development and testing at any product life-cycle stage.

As a team, we can take your idea from the drawing board to a successful product launch or even re-launch.

We can help you create new or enhanced products for your customers and a new revenue streams for your business. These are our services or contact us directly for any questions.


The formulation is the heart of your product.

A clever choice of raw materials and active ingredients will dictate whether a product succeeds or not. Straight forward production processes and exceptional stability should be a matter of course in product design.</p><p>Whatever the challenge you are facing with your formulation – we will find a clever and profitable solution.


Are you looking for training for your staff?

Training based on daily practice and with measureable results. Cosmacon is the partner for you! We have developed training concepts based on the needs and goals of companies operating in the cosmetic industry. We use our experience and hands-on guidance to train and coach your teams. They will improve in effectiveness and performance by applying their new knowledge and understanding in their daily work. Together we can optimise working methods and practices to help you to be more efficient in your own laboratory.


“Can that really still be patented?"

When we talk to our customers about patents, these are just some of the reactions we hear. Patents are the quantitative proof of your company´s power of innovation. Sadly, although patents are directly linked to success, many companies struggle with the whole process and fail to maximise their potential. Now you can change that. With the experience of over 350 patent registrations behind us, we can guide you through the whole process and help you to successfully identify and register new patents for your products.

Raw Materials

It is rare that the full potential of raw materials or active ingredients has been fully exhausted.pft.

It is commercially convenient to position a new ingredient using its most obvious benefits, but experience has shown that the full potential may not yet have been exploited and the ingredient may be being undersold. Take an established substance; give it a new lease of life – innovation and new markets could be just a contact away.

Santalum Spicatum (Sandalwood) Oil

Sandalwood oil

The genuine Indian sandalwood oil is extracted from the sandalwood tree by steam distillation and has a characteristic woody-sweet scent. The evergreen Santalum album grows up to ten meters, has feathered leaves and small butterfly blossoms with red or yelllow ...
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X-Mas, New Year 2021, Greetings from Cosmacon

X-Mas 2021

Dear customers, dear partners and suppliers We thank you very sincerely for your trust, the good cooperation, and your loyality in the past year!   The year 2020 will be engraved in our mind for a long time, facing us ...
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complaints management

Despite the greatest care in the manufacture and control of a product, negative criticism cannot be completely excluded. The handling of complaints and negative responses is a delicate and sensitive matter that requires a high degree of professionalism and a ...
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