Optimization of your emulsifier portfolio

Emulsifiers, also known as surfactants or solubilizers, are substances that combine two immiscible substances to create a stable emulsion.


Emulsifiers fulfill important functions in cosmetic formulations. You:

  • guarantee the long-term stability of a product
  • influence the primary skin sensation
  • improve the water resistance of sunscreen formulations
  • act as solvents for UV filters, active ingredients or perfume oils

Every year, new emulsifiers are developed or adapted from the food sector. These substances compete with the already established substances. For cosmetics developers, the choice of emulsifiers is huge.

Raw material manufacturers or distributors who clearly present important and useful information about their emulsifiers have a good chance. This is because they make it easier for developers to select the best emulsifier for their purpose. Only the optimum selection of emulsifier and co-emulsifier guarantees sufficient stability.

We optimize your portfolio to make it easier for your customers to select the right emulsifier from your range.

Our services include:

  • Comprehensive screening with the help of emulsifier gels
  • Determining the percentage solubility of UV filters, active ingredients and perfume oils
  • A 360° evaluation of your emulsifiers, including electrolyte compatibility, evaluation with substances of different polarity, screening of UV filter compatibility, shear sensitivity, optimum emulsifier/co-emulsifier ratio
  • A recipe check
  • The creation of a sensor profile

Example: Sensor profile

The sensory profile enables cosmetics developers to select an emulsifier from their portfolio by evaluating the skin feel factor.


The sensory profile we create provides the cosmetics developer with an overview of your entire emulsifier portfolio. On this basis, he can select a suitable emulsifier based on his order. In the next step, he sees the change in skin feel when different concentrations are formulated (see arrows).

For you as a raw material manufacturer or distributor, the sensor profile also offers the opportunity to identify "white spots" in your portfolio. You can then use this information to develop new emulsifiers in a targeted manner.

The graphic also shows where your competitors' emulsifiers are located (see emulsifiers with K designation).

If you would like to evaluate your range of emulsifiers, please contact us!

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