Our Cosmetic Philosophy: the beauty of experience

Knowledge in its purest form.
The skin connects us to the world.
The skin is our protection and our beauty in one.


Our approach at Cosmacon, from development through to production optimisation, is to prioritise skin health and wellbeing. Our core philosophy is that all cosmetic ingredients must be as pure as possible and of the highest quality. Our formulations must be as simple as possible with no unnecessary ingredients or additives.

Our knowledge and understanding of the benefits and pitfalls of cosmetic development has lead us to produce formulations that are optimised for efficient production, commercial success and healthy skin.

We bring you the beauty of experience.

The skin is simply beautiful

Our formulations are smart and luxurious – yet uncomplicated. Each ingredient plays an active role in the formulation and a role in caring for the skin. We actively screen out non-functional and complex ingredients that could cause unnecessary reactions and complications. Each ingredient is chosen with the greatest of care and used in exactly the appropriate concentration to enhance the natural function of the skin.


Tangible quality – for tangibly healthier skin

When we work to a customer product development brief, we select the finest raw materials and best active ingredients available. These are typified by outstanding skin tolerance and their effectiveness for the application intended. We then create sample formulations to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Our customer´s feedback is then integrated into a formulation review after which we can fine tune the finished product.

We create products that reflect real and current consumer requirements. The consumer market is the central focus of all our product formulations - ensuring your commercial success.

Our skin regenerates itself naturally

Our experienced team searches constantly for innovative raw materials, active ingredients and skin care concepts. Our knowledge base and networks encompass many global partners and innovative laboratories and institutes. Using this tiered approach, we can produce effective modern products reflecting the latest research and formulation know-how. Our complete objectivity guarantees you independent advice and the best possible results every time.

“Working in a cooperative partnership with our customers, tapping into leading knowledge-sources and using top material suppliers,  we can create top quality cosmetics perfectly designed to meet market needs.”