Body cleansing

Skin cleansing is the basis of all skin care. Body cleansing is intended to remove sweat, dirt, secretions of microbes, residues of cosmetic products and loose horny cells.

shower, bath oil

This general dirt is both hydrophilic and hydrophobic. Washing with water removes practically all hydrophilic dirt particles and for the rest we use the washing-active substances, so-called tensides.

Products used for body cleansing are different from those for the face, because the facial skin is particularly sensitive.

Basically, body cleansing products are a "boring" category.

Body cleansing products have to be inexpensive, smell good and work optimally. The normal shower gel certainly has its place, but there are always new and innovative body cleansing products on the market. Here are some examples:

Shower scrub: A shower scrub is a kind of body cleanser that removes dead skin cells and provides the skin with nutrients. Here we see a honey scrub with silica abrasives that gently exfoliate and add valuable ingredients from honey to the skin. The skin is vital and wonderfully soft.

Body brush: A body brush can help to remove dead skin cells and other dirt particles from the skin and improve circulation.

Exfoliating gloves: Exfoliating gloves can be used to remove dead skin cells and smooth the skin. Of course, this can also be done with sugar scrubs or salt scrub products.

Oil shower gel: An oil shower gel can nourish and moisturise the skin while cleansing.

Body lotion: Body lotions can be used to nourish and protect the skin after cleansing.

Trends in body cleansing

Recently, soaps have been making a comeback. As a water-free soap bar, it is a cleanser that consists of natural surfactants and is practically only thickened with fatty alcohol. Here, no water at all has to be transported around, so these products are very sustainable. This sustainable category also includes

bath powders. As a water-free cleansing powder, it is sold in a sachet and can be filled-up at home with tap water. A variation of this are body cleansing tablets, which when dissolved give a nice cleansing mousse or light viscous gel.

It is important to note that every skin type is different and it is important to choose a body cleansing product that is suitable for your individual skin type.

If you would like to add body cleansing products to your portfolio or optimise existing products, please contact us.

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