Electronic Skin Care

Electronic skin care methods used in professional cosmetic salons are continually being adapted for use by the private customer at home.

Beurer FCE90

Electronic skin care using ultrasound technology (e.g. The FCE 80 from beurer), enhances the effectiveness of cosmetic creams. The warming effect stimulates the microcirculation of the skin and the massaging effect improves the uptake of moisturisers and active ingredients. The skin´s appearance improves immediately and feels simply more energised

Electronic Skin Care – Anti-Aging

Beurer also produces an anti-ageing instrument (FCE 90) which claims to improve skin appearance and have an anti-ageing effect. Using cleansing, an ionic function, warm and cold stimulation, active ingredients are channelled deeper into the skin where they can work more effectively.

Electronic Skin Care - Cleansing

Deep-cleansing the skin with a motorised facial cleansing brush is an experience that amazes anyone who has tried it. Examples include VisaPure from Philips, various models from Clarisonic and the facial cleaning brush FCE 60 from beurer. Electronic cleansing is up to 10x more thorough than manual cleansing, and the rotating brush head removes dead skin cells, old make-up and removes impurities.

Very few cosmetic products are suitable for electronic skin cleaning. It is unclear to customers if they can use their normal cleansing products compatibly with the electronic brush or indeed if special after-care is needed. This is an opportunity for a specially adapted product concept with a range designed to support and improve the effectiveness of electronic cleansing. Examples could be peeling preparations, after-treatment masks and highly concentrated active creams. This is where our expertise at Cosmacon comes in - contact us for a first discussion.

Electronic Skin Care – Peeling

The newest products in this area are microdermabrasion instruments (e.g. VisaCare from Philips). This method is intended to replace chemical peeling and to provide the additional benefits of massage, stimulation of the microcirculation, and improved collagen and cell renewal. The skin has to adapt to the regular use of this electronic skin care method, and appears red and raw in the beginning. The treatment must be done in the evenings to avoid contact with sunlight and to allow the skin to regenerate overnight. This is because the top skin layer is actually removed by the treatment leaving the skin very sensitive and vulnerable.

This electronic skin care technique is also ripe for a new product concept and this is where Cosmacon can support you. We can help you to make products that have been developed precisely to treat sensitive skin after peeling and to optimise the skin´s regeneration process. These cosmetics should not only be very mild, free from preservatives and perfumes, but also contain highly concentrated active ingredients. Because the skin is free from dead skin cells and dirt, the active ingredients can be better absorbed to support the skins natural regeneration process – a real opportunity to wow your customers!

Some electronic skin care instrument manufacturers do offer cosmetic products with their equipment but these products are based on very humble formulations. Most customers would prefer to use a proven effective formulation, from a trusted source, adapted for their electronic skin care needs – only you can provide that.

Cosmetic products designed specially to work with electronic skin care concepts are an opportunity for you to add value to your portfolio and win new customers.

Have we awoken your interest? Then please contact us for more information.

Beurer FCE60