Innovation in Cosmetics

Innovation means „ the use of a new idea or method“. In the world of cosmetics, innovation means creating a new product claim or capability. When you innovate you show your customers that your products are at the leading edge of cosmetic research. Customers have continually increasing expectations of their beauty products which drives the need for innovation.


Innovation in cosmetics could mean that you:

  • Develop new packaging with a value-added function (e.g. A self-warming tube for a face mask)
  • Adapt a new technology and use it in your products (e.g. Fragrance encapsulation for a long-lasting deodorant, Gel-to-Milk, Switch emulsions etc.)
  • Integrate a new active ingredient concept (e.g. Echinacea extract combined with hyaluronic acid, coloured liquid crystals in a clear gel serum)
  • Incremental innovation where you gradually improve the product in small steps
  • Implement new medical and biological research findings
  • Combine your product with technology (e.g. electric cleansing brush, blue light or laser devices)

Cosmacon can observe innovative market trends for you.

We can then support you in the innovation of your cosmetics using our extensive network of raw material and active ingredient suppliers as well as innovative technology partners.

The innovation process can also be a golden opportunity for you to optimise your products. Examples include: Cold Production, One Pot Process and Quench Cooling all of which save energy and resources. A formulation check is in itself innovative, serving to screen out any ingredients that have been carried through during product development that are contaminating, unnecessary or no longer recommended. This can both same money and improve tolerance to the product.

Ultimately innovation could also mean that you decide to manage your Brand completely differently and work with us to produce a middle and long-term „ innovation pipeline“. The advantage of this strategy is that we can develop the brand together independently of short-term „fashion products“.

Using seasonable products we can test new concepts, fragrances and application forms with a minimised risk of „shelf warmers“.

Innovation in cosmetics can mean a lot to you and your sales, and sustainably improving your product portfolio focused on the customer´s needs is always the best kind of innovation.

Interested? Then please contact us for a first discussion about putting the innovation back into your products.