Facial Skin Care

As superficial as it may seem, we tend to judge people first by their facial appearance. The face is part of a value system for attractiveness and the expression of personality. Not everyone is blessed with beautiful radiant and firm skin that always looks fresh and wrinkle free. With increasing age our life-experience is reflected on our facial features increasing the challenge of looking lively and young. Most people use some kind of basic facial skin care at some point in their lives, more and more choose carefully targeted cosmetics to prevent and treat problems in a strategic way.


Facial skin is substantially thinner than the skin that covers the rest of the body. In spite of this, facial skin is continually exposed to environmental stress such as UV rays, cold, heat and wind. Internal stress also plays a role in skin health. Lack of sleep and life-stress all leave their mark on our facial skin. The only topical way to prevent and treat this skin damage is through a life-long facial skin care regime using specially developed products.

An effective routine to protect and care for our facial skin is far easier than it seems:

  1. Every morning and evening the face should be cleansed with an appropriate facial skin care cosmetic
  2. An effective day cream should contain a high SPF protection against UV rays (at least SPF 15) and bind free radicals
  3. An effective night cream should contain pure lipids e.g. hyaluronic acid
  4. It is important to use a facial skin care cream especially developed for the eye area

Each customer is faced with the challenge of choosing their favourite facial skin care products depending on their skin type, specific problems and sensitivities and age. Because everyone´s skin and lifestyle – and price range- is different, there is a need for a wide range of choice on the market. Developing and classifying products in a way that makes it easier for the customer to identify the right facial skin care range for them is the best marketing strategy. If a customer finds the right product and it gives great results, they will buy again. For example a chrono biological approach could be an innovative platform for a new product range or the re-development and re-branding of an existing range.

The basic classification of skin types is well established and a good start for a facial skin care range; normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, blemished skin, combination skin and sensitive skin.

Then products can also be classified and segmented using sex and age:

  • For women
  • For men
  • For babies / toddlers and children
  • Teenagers
  • Ages 20-30
  • Ages 30-40
  • Ages 40-50
  • Mature skin

There are many possibilities and opportunities available to you when developing an optimised and effective facial skin care range based on supporting the skin´s natural functions. Our team at Cosmacon has the experience and knowledge to support you – contact us for a first conversation about developing skin care products or improving your existing range.