Hand care products

Hand care products are important because our hands are always in action: at work, at home or when gardening. They are exposed to environmental influences such as dry air, water, dirt, cold and sunlight and are washed several times a day.

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When we wash our hands, we not only kill germs, but also remove protective oils and moisture from our hands. This disturbs the natural skin flora and makes the skin vulnerable.

In addition, the skin on the hands is particularly sensitive. The skin on the back of the hand is just as thin as the skin on the face. It has few sebaceous glands, hardly any fatty tissue and ages rapidly. The palms of the hands have no sebaceous glands and therefore cannot supply themselves with fat. High-quality hand care products help to prevent skin damage.

A hand care ritual slows down skin ageing

The ageing process of the skin on the hands can only be delayed if the hands are cared for daily. Cleansing products with an acidic pH value help to maintain the protective acid mantle. Hand creams provide the skin with oil and moisture. There is now a whole range of products for hand care, from hand scrubs, intensive creams, creams against age spots, cures, moisturizing wash lotions, hand night creams and protective creams.

Good hand care also includes applying cream to the fingernails. If you have problems with torn cuticles, you should use special nail care cream or a cuticle care stick regularly. Panthenol and biotin are the best active ingredients here.

Hand care products - which ones are important?

It depends on the individual needs of the hands which hand care products are necessary. In general, however, you should use at least one moisturizer to prevent dryness and cracking.

For special needs such as rough hands, age spots or pigmented spots, special hand care products such as scrubs, serums or masks can be helpful. It is important to care for them regularly, especially after washing your hands or after contact with water.

We develop hand care products that meet the individual needs of consumers.

If you would like to have a hand care product developed or optimize your products, please contact us!

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