Body care

The face is the most visible part of the body and therefore requires particularly intensive care. In recent years, however, awareness of the need for well-groomed skin all over the body has increased significantly. This trend is reflected in new body care concepts: body butter, in-shower products, daily self-tan, BodyTonics and intensive body care products as well as special products for alkaline body care are available to users.


The right product for every skin type

Different products meet the needs of different skin types. For dry skin, for example, there is a BodyMilk as a rich intensive care product. Special products with elasticity-improving grape seed oil or panthenol are available for mature skin . There are also products to combat cellulite, dry patches on knees and elbows and products with unusual fragrance concepts such as "Honey & Milk", "Rice & Lotus" or "Vanilla & Cocoa". The tried and tested classics are also still popular: body oil, body lotion, body soft lotion, body balm, body gel, firming body products, seasonal products, products against stretch marks and stretch marks, winter milk and body fluid. Many of these products are also available for sensitive skin, fragrance-free or specifically for men.

The product concepts for body care also differ in the form of application. There are variations such as aerosol mousse, tube, bottle with pump or cream in a jar.

We will be happy to advise you on a suitable body care concept. If you would like to expand or optimize your cosmetics line, please contact us!

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