Rainer Kröpke

Rainer Kröpke is Managing Director and founder of Cosmacon GmbH. Since 2013, the trained chemical laboratory technician has been offering various services for the cosmetics industry in his own company. The focus of his work is on consulting and developing cosmetics of all kinds, including the development of high-quality natural cosmetics. Kröpke also works for raw material manufacturers and distributors to add new properties to their raw material portfolio.


Before becoming self-employed, Kröpke was laboratory manager in the "Body Creams" division at Beiersdorf AG with responsibility for the top-selling cream products NIVEA Creme and NIVEA Soft Creme. Most recently, he was responsible for managing development projects for premium brands in close cooperation with marketing, production and quality management.

In this context, he has carried out a great deal of research work in recent years and built up a wealth of experience in the development of sun protection products, body products, baby care products, aerosol applications, repellents (mosquito repellent products), dermatological skin care products, biocidal products and care products for men.

Kröpke is co-inventor of more than 350 patents and is involved in almost all innovations of his former employer's cosmetic brands. He now makes the knowledge and expertise he has gained in over 30 years of work experience available to Cosmacon customers.


Career of Rainer Kröpke

Below you can see the individual stages of Rainer Kröpke's professional career to date:

2015 - today Owner Cosmacon GmbH

Services for the cosmetics industry

2013- 2015 Owner of RK Coaching & Consulting e.K.
2005- 2012 Laboratory Manager Creams
  • Product support NIVEA Creme/NIVEA Soft Creme
  • Product support Hansaplast Insect range
  • Coordination of all patent activities of the function
  • Coordination of all raw material tests of alternative suppliers for leave-on products of the function
  • Coordination of all packaging tests for packaging relaunch 2009/2013
  • Co-development of a software tool for processing packaging inspections
  • Successes
    • Cost-cutting projects NIVEA Creams
    • Co-development of a software tool for packaging material testing
    • Coordination of all raw material tests of alternative suppliers for NIVEA products (leave-on) to reduce costs
2001 - 2005 Technology Manager Skin Care Laboratory
  • Product support NIVEA Creme
  • Product support NIVEA After Sun range
  • Coordination of all patent activities of the department
  • Development of repellent products for Hansaplast Insect
  • Coordination of all packaging tests Body Relaunch 2006
  • Successes
    • Incorporation into biocide legislation as a basis for repellent products (Hansaplast Insect)
    • Ensuring the effectiveness of repellent products in collaboration with the tropical institutes in London, Bern and Berlin
    • Protection of the repellent technology through 18 patent applications
1996 - 2001 Bench Chemist basic development cosmed
  • Development of modular formulations
  • Evaluation of new raw materials
  • Evaluation of new technologies
    • HIPE emulsions
    • Mousse emulsions
    • Heating emulsions
  • Patent support W/O emulsions
  • Development of lightweight W/O sprays
  • Achievements
    • Protection of these new developments through 135 patents
    • Reduction of development time by 6 months per product by providing 9 pool recipes
    • Development of 3 new basic technologies
1986-1996 Chemical laboratory technician, product development, light protection/body/aerosol laboratory


Further training:
  • Project management for project managers
  • Training as a systemic coach
  • Developing and protecting patent/product ideas
  • Patent law China
  • Patent law USA
  • Strategies for patent infringements
  • European patent strategies
  • Patent portfolio management
  • 360° feedback
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Interactions between packaging and contents
  • Fundamentals of plastics chemistry
  • Management theory 3-week modules
  • Training as a psychological counselor/personal coach
  • Instructor aptitude test Hamburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce