Improve product odor

Product odor is a very important factor in bringing a successful cosmetic product to market. Smell is one of the five human senses. A cosmetic product that smells or tastes unpleasant leads to immediate aversion.


Odorants are highly volatile substances that are bound by the olfactory receptors in the nasal mucosa. The stimulus is transmitted to the nerve cells via a signal cascade and passed on to the brain. This is where the actual sense of smell arises. Pleasant odors are distinguished from unpleasant ones.

The smell of cosmetic products is important because it has a positive influence on the user experience and the perception of the product. A pleasant smell can help to ensure that the product is accepted and continued to be used, which can lead to greater satisfaction and customer loyalty. In addition, a pleasant smell can also make users feel better and have a positive effect on their mood (e.g. there are valid studies on orange oil that confirm this).

Poor product odor is associated with inferior quality

Unscented cosmetic products can smell unpleasant due to one of the raw materials used. Such products are classified as being of inferior quality. The complaint rate for products with a bad smell is higher and they are more difficult to sell. When a product is relaunched at the latest, the focus shifts to smelling raw materials. To eliminate the odor, the active ingredient in question is either dosed lower - with consequences for the effectiveness of the cosmetic. Or a replacement is needed.

Our experience shows that cosmetics manufacturers should invest in eliminating unpleasant product odors. Our special analytical methods detect volatile substances that can be smelled by humans and check whether the product odor is optimally designed.

This happens in three stages to improve the product odor:

  • Detection and identification of olfactory perceptible substances
  • Search for ways to eliminate these substances
  • Formulation strategies to mask these substances

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