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System care means the application of cosmetic skin care products perfectly coordinated with their active ingredients. The first system care, which included a soap bar, a lotion and a facial toner, was introduced in 1968. Even today, leading experts agree that the system care is significantly more effective than the application of separate skin care […]

In cosmetic terms, pigment disorders are understood as small skin areas where higher or lower concentrations of melanin are encountered. These include freckles, age spots and birthmarks/moles.   Pigment disorders are mostly harmless It often happens in the spring, the first rays of sun pamper our skin and the “brown spots” appear practically overnight. Pigment […]

Anyone who wants radiant, perfect skin should cleanse their skin well and look after it consistently.   Cleansing Cleanse your skin mornings and evenings to remove sweat, sebum and makeup. Mild cleansing milk or a cleansing foam are ideal. Your skin should not show any feeling of tightness after cleansing; you have then found the […]

  Many women would much rather do without removing makeup at night. To have to drag yourself away from the comfortable settee to go into the bathroom and remove the residues of make-up and other beauty products, is indeed not exactly a favourite pastime; it is however indispensable and important for the skin. After all, […]

Dear customer, dear clients,   We say ‘Thank you’ for your trust, the pleasant cooperation and your faith.   We wish you all a Merry Christmas and send our best Seasons Greetings!   Kind regards from Schenefeld   Your Cosmacon-Team  

Customers prefer cosmetics that can do without problematic substances. Often, scientific proof of a certain supposed harmfulness cannot always be provided; for substances like parabenes, silicone, parrafins and sulfates. Nonetheless, many customers are both unsettled and uncertain, and thus prefer cosmetics without such additives. Sometimes rightly so. Sometimes just because anxiety gets the better of […]

Chia Seed Oil is won from Mexican salvia seeds (salvia hispanica), also known as Mexican chia seeds. The oil is mostly won by passing the tiny and whole seeds through a variable speed hammer mill (high-pressure extraction) while also using natural spring water that contains natural carbon dioxide. This procedure ensures that the retrieved chia […]

When manufacturing emulsions, YTRON technology plays an important role. To make this clear, we would first like to define the term emulsion. This is a mixture of raw materials that actually cannot be mixed. For example, if you mix oil and water, although both liquids initially blend together to certain extent, if the container is […]

Once a year, major international cosmetics companies and their suppliers meet in Munich to exchange experiences, develop new ideas and network or establish new contacts at the Cosmetic Business trade fair. Here, anyone interested in this industry segment can find everything that is needed for the development of new cosmetic products and their effective presentation: […]

Abstract Exilva, the new natural raw material sustainably produced from Cellulose , is ideally suited to improving the stability, the rheological behaviour and the sensoric properties of cosmetic products. The various strengths of the cellulose-based material are displayed in different ways: In the area of skin care, a strong matting effect can be achieved in […]

Even today many questions remain unanswered in the cosmetics industry. Development and increase of diversity in cosmetics is occurring immensely quickly and the impact of it is so great that not every issue in regular cosmetics development work can be carried out sufficiently. Therefore, raw material cosmetic agents manufacturer need to be especially equipped to […]

The number of Muslim believers is growing worldwide, which also sparks religiously motivated trends; and this has an effect on cosmetics, too. Cosmetics need to fit with religious, ethical and ecological considerations. They have to be healthy, and often also organic or natural. We felt obliged to respond to the religiously motivated market demand for […]

First steps have been taken toward expansion. When Rainer Kröpke transformed his cosmetic consulting company into Cosmacon GmbH, the new company moved into a new and modernized vicinity. The company now has its own fully endowed state-of-the-art laboratory with high end laboratory equipment.   More space also means a much higher scope of business applications (for Cosmacon’s […]

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Consumers of cosmetic products particularly focus on dermatological efficacy. They want to be sure that a certain product really does have the promised effects. Often, cosmetics of the same category are expected to have the same look and feel to them. Consumers want proof of a product’s dermatological efficacy. They want to be certain that […]

A peeling application is meant to refresh the skin and make it smooth. The skin is able to absorb substances better after mechanical peeling, and the pores are reduced in size. Intensive cleansing can be applied once per week or once per month, depending on the skin condition. Regular mechanical peelings stimulate collagen and elastin […]

Innovation in Cosmetics Innovation means „ the use of a new idea or method“. In the world of cosmetics, innovation means creating a new product claim or capability. When you innovate you show your customers that your products are at the leading edge of cosmetic research. Customers have continually increasing expectations of their beauty products […]

Alkaline Skin Care Alkaline cosmetics are not a new discovery. The Ancient Egyptians had already embraced the idea of alkaline cosmetic treatments by bathing in soda lakes; they had discovered that the special water quality had a regenerating effect on the skin. Hundreds of years later in our great grandmothers´ time, alkaline cosmetics had a […]

Cosmacon – New company name reflects optimized Services   In August, RK Coaching & Consulting e.K. will be transferred to Cosmacon GmbH. The company, resident in Schenefeld near Hamburg, was founded by Rainer Kröpke in 2013, and specializes in consulting services in the cosmetic industry as well as in developing all types of cosmetics, including […]

Octocrylene It is common knowledge today that sunbathing without UV protection can be painful and dangerous. We all know that in the summer and when regularly outdoors we should protect our skin. Unfortunately some sun protection products contain elements that can also be damaging. Basically there are 3 approaches to formulating effective products to protect […]

Palm oil free cosmetics Palm oil is one of the most important raw materials in the world. Palm oil is an exotic wax that comes from oil palms in South East Asia, Africa and America. Palm oil is found in almost 50% of supermarket products: from margarine and chocolate to washing products. Palm oil is […]

Cosmetics without sulphates – Sulphate Free! Sulphates are sulphur salts whose properties are used in many areas of life such as medicine, technology, agriculture and in the home. Conventionally, these controversial salts are also a common ingredient in cosmetics. In shampoos, shower gels, shaving creams, liquid soaps and toothpastes; wherever a foaming and cleaning effect […]

Our Skin in winter We protect our bodies from the winter cold with warm coats, fur-lined boots and thermal gloves. We come home, the heating is on, the fire is lit and we snuggle on the sofa with a warm cup of hot chocolate. Stress for our Skin These drastic temperature changes are a real […]

Cosmetics with silk  The feeling of silk is a feast for the senses. Anyone who has worn silk knows how soft and comfortable it feels against the skin. Silk has been used in cosmetics for decades, mainly in hair care products. The hydrolysed form is usually used (INCI = hydrolysed silk), this is harvested from […]

Argan Oil Argan Oil has been capturing people’s attention for quite some time, as it nourishes the skin and hair, can be used as superfood in the kitchen, and as universal remedy in traditional medicine. Origin and Methods of Extraction The oil originates in Morocco and is one of the most precious oils in the […]

PE-Beads Plastic beads such as PE-Beads have been used for several years in scrubs, peeling creams, shower gels, soaps and toothpastes. Today their effect on the environment is being questioned – a hot topic that we at Cosmacon want to address. Research has shown that these beads are so small that they are not retained in […]