Recipe development

The success of a cosmetic product stands and falls with the development of the formulation. No matter how clever and well thought-out the marketing strategy is - without the right composition, the product will become a slow seller. We develop formulas for high-quality products that will survive on the market in the long term.


The first step in recipe development is always the briefing, which clarifies the most important details of the future product. On the basis of a precisely defined product briefing, we work with you to develop the desired structure of the individual products - and, of course, with constant consideration of the desired marketing claims. We then start developing the formulation on the basis of the product briefing. This means that we translate your requirements into a formulation that meets the latest findings from research, science and practice and, of course, complies with all EU directives. But don't worry, if you can name a benchmark product and also a favorite product for fragrance development - that's usually enough to start the formulation development.

Formulation development - your formulation framework

The next step in recipe development concerns the selection of raw materials and ingredients. The quality of the raw materials and the active ingredients used have a significant influence on the shelf life and effectiveness of a product. We source our raw materials from selected suppliers all over the world. Thanks to our long-standing, trusting supplier relationships, we can guarantee the highest level of quality when it comes to raw materials.

Quality plays an important role. We therefore also take care of the organization of various compatibility and efficacy tests as well as stability studies.

These include, in particular, viscosity measurements, pH value measurements and the determination of refrigerator stability (6° Celsius) and heat stability (40° Celsius). In the case of sunscreens, there is also another stability check. This is because these products have to withstand temperatures of over 50° Celsius.

Microbiological tests are also on the agenda for conscientious recipe development. They either comply with the guidelines according to DIN ISO 11930, the reference method for testing the preservation of a cosmetic product, or the so-called preservation load test of the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur. 5.1.3). The final pillar of formulation development is the preparation of a safety assessment by external partners.

We are happy to support you in the development of cosmetic formulations in order to turn your ideas into marketable products as quickly as possible.

In our state-of-the-art laboratory, we can develop the right formulation for your requirements at any time. All processes and contract manufacturing are "Made in Germany". We can process large quantities just as well as small ones: batches of up to 40 tons are no problem for us. We accompany your scaling-up process to ensure a safe transfer from laboratory scale to the production approach. Simply present your idea or concept to us! We take care of the entire recipe development process, tailored precisely to your requirements. Our strengths include not only the optimal selection of raw materials and active ingredients, but also the outstanding stability of the finished product.