Vegan cosmetics

The skin is our connection to the world. It symbolizes beauty and protection at the same time. With our products, we focus on the well-being of the skin. All raw materials must be as high quality and pure as possible. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of raw materials and over 25 years of experience in the field of cosmetics development, we are able to create products that are perfectly tailored to the skin and its needs.


Vegan cosmetics are a result of the discussion about climate change and the effects of environmental destruction have become part of our society's environmental awareness. The demand for "green" products remains very high. Consumers want sustainable, natural and organic products.

However, orientation in the market is difficult. There are various certification standards such as BDIH, Ecocert, V-Label, Vegan Society, NaTrue or FairTrade. What's more, many manufacturers have jumped on the green bandwagon and are displaying their own seals or brands.

What does vegan cosmetics mean?

Vegan cosmetics are a type of cosmetics that do not contain any animal-derived ingredients and are not tested on animals. Vegan cosmetic products do not contain any ingredients such as honey, beeswax, leather, wool, milk, egg, gelatine or other animal products.

There are a lot of vegan cosmetic products on the market, from skin care and beauty products to hair care and body care products. Vegan cosmetics can contain both natural and synthetic ingredients and there are many companies that specialize in the production of purely vegan cosmetic products.

It is important to note that vegan cosmetics do not necessarily mean that the product is natural or organic. Some vegan cosmetic products may contain synthetic ingredients, as these are typically produced without animal additives and are therefore also vegan.

We do not rely solely on certificates, but only work with trustworthy raw material suppliers that we know personally.


Vegan cosmetics - safe thanks to the Cosmacon seal

In view of all these circumstances, we have decided to issue our own vegan certificate. Our vegan certification is not based on criteria we have devised ourselves, but on scientifically sound facts. This means that our vegan certification reflects the latest sustainable extraction and production methods.

We have had two vegan logos protected as word and figurative marks. Our customers can use this vegan certification when booking the "Vegan Package" for 250.00 euros per product.

We would be happy to develop vegan cosmetics for you or expand your range - just please contact us.