Our laboratory

We support you in the development of high-quality formulations or screening of raw materials. Our services include, for example, developing entire cosmetic ranges with the latest raw materials in close cooperation with our customers. We also carry out a series of stability and orientation effectiveness tests.


In our modern application laboratory, we use our expertise in raw materials to put together framework formulations. We are independent and not beholden to any supplier. This means that we can always offer you the optimum raw material. If required, we also work together with our customers' laboratories (lab-to-lab support) or cooperate with the application laboratories of our raw material suppliers. In this way, our resources are virtually inexhaustible.


Our laboratory is equipped with modern equipment and offers space for numerous cosmetic tests:

  • Powder mixer up to 5 kg
  • Sensory tests, rheological tests (viscosities, stability tests)
  • Rocking and storage tests in programmable climate chambers
  • Light microscopic examinations, for example to check dispersions and emulsions
  • Silverson mixer L5M with standard and duplex for batch sizes up to twelve kilograms
  • UltraTurrax T25 Digital, UltraTurrax T25 Easy Clean, IKA agitator Eurostar 60 control
  • pH meter Five Easy (Mettler Toledo)
  • Colorimeter NR 145