Why Cosmacon?

Numerous cosmetics suppliers and beauty brands rely on Cosmacon - for good reason. Because whether it's raw materials, know-how or good networking: we get the best out of every aspect for our customers. Find out in detail why it pays to rely on Cosmacon:


Find out in detail why it pays to rely on Cosmacon.

Speed is a real competitive advantage in the cosmetics market. This is particularly true for online retail. Trends spread rapidly via social media channels. If you want to react to trends or market innovative cosmetic products, you also have to be fast. This is possible with the Cosmacon Fast Track Fee. For fast-track customers, the next step on the way to the finished product takes place on the same day. In this way, Cosmacon puts cosmetics development in the fast lane.

Our independence from individual contract manufacturers is a great advantage for our customers. This is because they can be sure that they always get the best price and the most valuable raw materials - and at the conditions that they themselves specify. This makes it possible to create innovative, unique products that meet our customers' requirements.

Cosmacon has an active network: with contract manufacturers, raw material suppliers and other important players in the cosmetics industry. This enables us to get the best for our customers in every respect. Thanks to our many years of cooperation with various partners and contract manufacturers, we have built up stable business relationships. We pass this trust on to our customers.

On request, Cosmacon develops cosmetic products that meet the high standards of natural or organic cosmetics and are animal-friendly or vegan. This is confirmed by seals such as Natrue, Cosmos, EcoCert, V-Label, Vegan-Society, ICADA or PETA. Animal and environmental friendliness are important selling points for many consumers. However, the certification process with these label providers is often lengthy. Cosmacon therefore also offers its own seals as an alternative, which identify vegan and animal-friendly products - for more independence from certifiers.

Cosmacon is a driver of innovation in many areas. This is demonstrated by the wide range of our products, from skincare to hair care and certified natural cosmetics, active ingredient cosmetics (“Doctor's Brand”) and animal-friendly trend products. Our independence and flexibility enable us to transform innovative ideas into high-quality products. Word has gotten around: even large, established cosmetics companies come to us when it comes to quickly implementing trends and innovative cosmetics. Uniqueness and fairness are among our highest standards. And that's why the recipe for a care product ultimately does not belong to us, but exclusively to our customers.