tinted day creams BB-cream as one of the alphabet creams are a hype: BB-cream, CC cream, DD cream, EE cream, FF cream, GG cream and so on.

Their forerunner, the BB-cream fits perfectly into the urban lifestyle. It is practical, chic, and quick to apply. BB stands for “Blemish Balm” (blemish = flaw, balm = relief). Basically, a BB-cream is a tinted day cream that covers the skin with a light tint and creates an even skin tone.

It also moisturises the skin and protects it from moisture loss.

The BB-cream was invented by the German Christine Schrammek: she used this type of cream after a peeling to cover the skin.

Korean nurses who had become acquainted with this product in Germany brought it to their home country. From there, the BB cream began its triumphal march around the world.


Care and concealment – with BB-cream

The cosmetics industry has continued to develop the tinted cream. In the meantime, many follow-up creations are available:

The CC cream stands for “Colour Correction” and usually contains an anti-wrinkle active ingredient and a higher UV protection than the BB cream.

The DD cream (“Disguise & Diminsh”) combines all the care elements of the BB and CC creams. Here, wrinkles, dark spots, redness, and other signs of skin ageing are actively combated. These creams are rather rich and intended for mature skin.

The EE cream now stands for an even skin effect (“Even Effect”) and is also a tinted cream that contains a skin-soothing active and a brightening active. This leads to an even skin tone and skin impurities are neutralised. Light-reflecting and colour-balancing pigments can also be used for an instant effect. This texture is said to conjure up perfect skin almost immediately.

In the meantime, there are also further developments that are called FF creams. The concepts of cosmetics manufacturers stand for “Flawless Finish” or “Facial Finish” to imitate youthful, flawless skin. The latest trend of “glow” is also being marketed by the first manufacturers as “Genius Glow” and thus as a GG cream. It contains active ingredients that make the skin glow.

Ultimately, they too are a further development of the other alphabet creams, always enhanced with the latest trend. The basis will always be the BB cream.


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