Odour analysisOdours from raw materials, unpleasant smells and masking unwanted odours

The sense of smell is one of our 5 senses. Scents, volatile substances, bind to the nasal mucosa setting off a cascade of signals to stimulate the nerve cells and transmit sensory information to the brain. This is where our actual sense of smell is realised. We can differentiate between pleasant smells and unpleasant smells. Many cosmetics have an unpleasant core odour caused by the ingredients used, particularly true of unperfumed products. Raw ingredients with an unpleasant odour get classified as low quality and are hard to sell. There tend to be more complaints relating to these substances, and they are seldom chosen by developers. Chemical components with a detectably unpleasant scent are often the reason for the search for a replacement ingredient and even a product re-launch.

At Cosmacon, our experience has shown that raw material suppliers would be well advised to invest research time in identifying unpleasant odours in their products in order to improve their chances in the market. We can offer you specialist analytical services optimised to detect volatile substances that can be detected by the human sense of smell.

Our 3 step process gives you:

  1. Detection and identification of odours that are detectable by humans
  2. Investigation of whether these substances can be removed
  3. Formulation strategies that can mask detectable and unpleasant odours


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