Skin care for teens


impure skin, acne, oily skin Puberty is a time of change – this also applies to skin care for teens. The activation of sex hormones in the body dramatically changes the appearance of the skin. Young skin is somewhat unpredictable. It suddenly changes between an oily, sensitive, or irritated skin condition.

Each new surge of sex hormones increases sebum production and sweat gland secretion in teenagers and, in combination with increased keratinisation, is essentially responsible for oily, blemished skin. In severe cases, this even leads to acne.


Skin care for teens: clarifying products

At the heart of a teen skincare regimen is a facial cleansing product that removes excess sebum and prevents cornification. The goal of skin care for teens is to rebalance the skin without irritating it. Care products that moisturise without being too greasy as well as peelings and pore-refining facial toners round off the range.


What skin care is important for teens?

When it comes to skin care for teens, it is important to consider the individual skin type and establish a suitable care regime. Here are some tips:


– Cleansing: Use a mild cleansing lotion or soap to remove excess oil and dirt.

– Moisturise: Use a moisturising lotion to prevent dry skin.

– Sunscreen: Apply a high SPF sunscreen daily to protect against harmful UV rays.

– Removing pimples: Use a mild remedy to remove pimples, but avoid squeezing them as this can cause scarring.

– Face masks: Use face masks occasionally to cleanse and moisturise the skin.


It is also important that teenagers drink enough water and eat a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables to keep the skin healthy.

We are happy to develop skincare products for you that are specifically designed for the skin condition of teenagers.


If you would like to launch a range of skin care for teens or optimise existing products for this target group, please contact us!



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