About me

My name is Rainer Kroepke.

As Manager of the Beiersdorf “Body Creams” Laboratory, I successfully ran numerous development projects for premium brands in close co-operation with marketing, production and quality control.

In this role I gained significant experience in commercial product development and successfully completed many research projects in several product areas: Sun Protection, Baby Care, Aerosols, Insect Repellents, Dermatological Products, and Skin Care for Men.

As co-discoverer of over 350 Patents I have been involved in many innovations in the cosmetic brands of my former employer.

An effective and efficient project manager, my ability to deliver a wide range of successful projects and products whilst meeting goals and deadlines  is based on experience in everything ranging from technical chemical product development, to being highly competent in team management and in-company communication.

After training with Beiersdorf AG since 1983, I qualified as a professional laboratory chemist in 1986.  My professional success in Beiersdorf lead to an outstanding career as Laboratory Manager “Body Creams”  for  NIVEA Cream and NIVEA Soft Cream; managing teams of up to 4 people until 2012, when I started my own business Cosmacon GmbH.

The individual positions held at Beiersdorf are listed under Career.