PE-Bead Alternatives for body scrubPE-Beads

Plastic beads such as PE-Beads have been used for several years in body scrub, peeling creams, shower gels, soaps and toothpastes. Today their effect on the environment is being questioned – a hot topic that we at Cosmacon want to address.

Research has shown that these beads are so small that they are not retained in waste water processing plants and what is more, cannot be biologically degraded.

As a consequence PE-Beads are building up in the environment. They have found their way into our seas and rivers and as a consequence inevitably into our food-chain. Our recommendation is to find an alternative to PE-Beads NOW to avoid consumer concern and to prevent a certain loss of image and business in the future.

There are plenty of alternatives to choose from:

  • Wax beads – made from various waxes such as jojoba beads, bees wax, carnauba, micro-wax etc.
  • Natural substances such as sand, nut shells, silica, pumice stone and cork which are available with and without certification
  • Polymer particles such as polylactic acid, mannan and cellulose
  • Most alternatives are available in white or coloured variations

Cosmacon can help you find the right bead alternative for your product:

  • We will check the best quality alternatives that would suit your body scrub
  • We then produce formulations with several bead alternatives
  • We can then do stability testing
  • And organise application tests and the optimisation of your product concept

So don´t delay – call us now for an estimate 

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