Vegan Seal

Vegan certificate, Scientifically founded

Most people associate a vegan lifestyle with a nutrition without animal-derived food. However, we can apply this attitude also to other fields of our life. For example, to our bathroom. Increasingly more consumers pay attention to a vegan seal when buying cosmetic products. A matter of course for “real” vegans. This group is constantly growing. According to the Allensbacher market and advertising medium analysis in 2020, 1.13 million persons described themselves as vegans. An increase of 180,000 compared to 2019. These “real” vegans who live without any animal-derived products because of their deep-rooted conviction and not because of a temporary mood also strictly differentiate between vegan cosmetics, natural cosmetics, and cosmetics not tested on animals. These three groups of products must not be mixed.

Definition: vegan cosmetics

Vegan cosmetics are free of ingredients made of or by animals. They do not contain honey or animal collagen or milk protein. However, vegan does not automatically mean without tests on animals. The legislator, until now, has not clearly defined the term and it is not protected.

Definition: natural cosmetics

The term natural cosmetics, too, is not protected and can be used virtually at will. However, products with a seal have to comply with all guidelines of this certification. As there are many seals with different guidelines, natural cosmetics are defined in slightly different ways. In principle, they may also include animal ingredients – in addition to plant raw materials.

Definition: cosmetics not tested on animals

In Germany and within the EU, animal tests for cosmetics have been forbidden since 2013. Nevertheless, there are loopholes. The ban, for example, applies only to substances exclusively used in cosmetics. Substances which are used also in other product groups are allowed to be tested on animals as ever. Cosmetics absolutely free of animal testing can be identified only by seals such as the internationally valid “Leaping Bunny”. That does not mean that such products are vegan at the same time because they possibly could contain honey or beeswax.

How does a vegan certification proceed?

The vegan style of life may polarize. Nevertheless, veganism clearly is progressing and, with it, vegan cosmetics. It becomes a more and more essential feature for many brands even though it includes a problem: the certification of vegan cosmetics, that means the vegan seal. In a similar way as in the segment of natural cosmetics, meanwhile, many seal suppliers have established different criteria. The criteria of the vegan seals in most cases are not scientifically founded but merely “made-up”. That causes a lot of confusion and a lack of transparency. In addition, the many different vegan seal are really time-consuming. For example, we have to contact the raw materials suppliers to request the relevant questionnaires from the certifiers of the raw materials for our customers. This process is a laborious procedure and takes many weeks and sometimes even months because many questions have to be clarified. You would think that the suppliers of vegan seals have compiled comprehensive data banks of all raw materials in the course of time, however, that is not the case. The process has to start anew always from the beginning, mainly for financial reasons.

Suppliers of raw materials feel stressed

Of course, it is absolutely understandable that most raw material suppliers are near to lose control and even refuse to fill out the numerous forms for the vegan seal. In many cases, they publish own vegan statements, however, the suppliers of vegan seal do not accept them.

The result is a vicious circle annoying for all parties involved. What is particularly unpleasant for us: Our customers, inevitably, think that we were not able to conduct a vegan certification by ourselves.

The solution for you: Cosmacon offers an own vegan seal

In view of those circumstances, we have decided to introduce an own vegan seal.
Our vegan seal does not use any self-created criteria but is based on scientifically founded facts.
That means our vegan seal reflects the latest sustainable methods of obtaining and manufacturing.

We have had protected two vegan seals as word-picture trademark by copyright. Our customers can use these vegan seals by booking the “vegan package” for 350.00 Euro per product.

Scientifically founded and transparent: vegan seal by Cosmacon

The vegan seal by Cosmacon is based on the latest knowledge in science and production technology. It is a reliable and reasonable alternative to the confusion of present vegan seals that offers many advantages to you.

Please contact us with your questions. We are eager to provide you with our professional advice!


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