Paracress extract

Paracress extract, Spilanthol, Natural Botox

Paracress extract is obtained from Acmella oleracea, an annual herbaceous plant of the family Asteraceae. In the English language it is called „toothache plant“ because of its pain-relieving active agent spilanthol. The frost-sensitive species probably is native to Peru. Its numerous leaves are simply structured, with a slightly notched edge. The inflorescence is basket-shaped.

In Brazil, the paracress is called jambu. Whereas the natives in the north of Brazil use jambu leaves for several traditional meals, the taste is irritating to most Europeans. The leaves cause a strange tingling or even anaesthetizing sensation in the tip of the tongue, similar to the effect of sherbet powder. Though being peculiar or unpleasant as a food, the plant proves to have many advantages in cosmetics. Paracress extract delivers great outcomes in the anti-aging segment, and in folk medicine, it is used to alleviate such disorders as rheumatism, gout, gingivitis or skin fungi.


Paracress extract in cosmetics

Everyday life is accompanied by a multitude of different emotions triggering a myriad of microcontractions of the facial muscles. Jambu extract, highly concentrated in spilanthol, can inhibit the continuous muscle contractions thereby significantly reducing wrinkle formation. The result is an even skin surface. Spilanthol, obtained from a specific extract from the jambu plant, has gentle calming and soothing effects on the nervous receptors in the skin surface thus relaxing skin tenseness due to muscular conditions. Jambu extract visibly smoothes and softens expression lines on the forehead or around the mouth or annoying crow’s feet.

Spilanthol features many bioactivities. It is a chemical compound in the group of the alkamides. The fat-soluble carboxylic acid amides consist of a specific carboxylic acid part with a mostly aliphatic and unbranched alkyl-chain and an amine part.

Due to its local anaesthetic and muscle relaxing effect, the active agent is a popular ingredient in mouthwash, toothpaste and bath additives.

Spilanthol derived from paracress extract is a yellowish oily liquid, almost insoluble in water. The melting point of this chemical is at 23 degrees, the boiling point at 162 degrees Celsius.

It is found also in the species Spilanthes oleraceae and Heliopsis longipes (Azteca gold root), however, it was first extracted from the jambu plant. Other names for spilanthol are affinin or N-(2-methylpropyl)deca-2,6,8-trienamide.

Paracress extract is nicknamed „botanical Botox without side effects“. That is a very applicable description. It is excellently tolerable and extremely effective. Cosmetic products containing paracress extract are high-performing, great alternatives to traditional anti-aging products.

Jambu extract generally is used in highly concentrated skincare preparations, combined with other active ingredients. There are considerable differences in quality: Customers should buy only products with natural jambu extract and ingredients of superior quality.


Paracress extract: natural Botox

Persons who want to get rid of visible expression lines in a gentle and safe way are well advised to opt for facial care with paracress extract as an effective Botox alternative.

Paracress extract’s high spilanthol content is the base of a considerable reduction and decrease of expression lines. So far, there are no known serious side-effects of jambu extract.

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