Independence from contract manufacturers


independent toll manufacturing

From sample to production. As soon as Cosmacon has worked out your formula, the production is ready to start. We support you in your search for a suitable contract manufacturer who fills your products according to highest quality standards, under your conditions. A bonus for you, because we are independent from contract manufacturers and therefore able to find the best-possible offer for you.


Nevertheless, we grant to you high transparence where your products are made and manufactured on a commercial scale.  


Benefits of our independence from individual contract manufacturers for you:


  • We find the best price for you: We know the prices of several contract manufacturers, compare them and pick out the best for you and your product. As a long-standing partner of many contract manufacturers, we can rely on customer-friendly Cosmacon conditions.


  • It is easy for you to realize innovations: We all know shampoo in a bottle. It is standard in the range of almost all contract manufacturers. But what’s about unusual customer demands such as powder shampoo? We find a contract manufacturer who will make it according to your desires – no matter how fancy they may be. You do not have to comply with the conditions of the contract manufacturer, but vice versa. The contract manufacturer meets your demands and needs.


  • You do not depend on a certain technology: It doesn’t matter whether it’s cream, foam, powder, aerosol, or soap bar, we find a contract manufacturer who has the adequate technology to realize your desired product. The same applies to the packaging: Our independence from contract manufacturers allows packaging corresponding to your wishes. Jar, refill, or pump spray container, sumptuous or minimalist – we make sure that you get what you want.


  • You can choose from the full range of raw materials: Most contract manufacturers work together with certain suppliers of raw materials. They claim their most “popular” raw materials to the manufacturers and sell them at reasonable prices. Therefore, it is probable that many cosmetics brands have the same active ingredients in their portfolio – no real USP. Based on the independence from contract manufacturers, we allow our customers full flexibility in their selection of raw materials.


  • You profit by a high certainty of supply: We always try to qualify several contract manufacturers in our network for the making of a product. Thereby, the certainty of supply is ensured in case one manufacturer should drop out


Our independence from contract manufacturers turns out to be an extraordinary advantage to you.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to have your products manufactured via Cosmacon.