Fast Track Fee


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The cosmetics market is subject to continual change: new active agents, new products, new trends. Research continually delivers new insights into the mode of action of certain ingredients. Substances from nature are deciphered and examined, new combinations are tested. Simultaneously consumer demands progress in different ways with regard to ingredients, ways of use or packaging of cosmetic products.

Digital media and social media accelerate the development of trends and the hype about it-products even more.  Products that are “in” this month may be superseded by other products already the next month. Cosmetics suppliers who strive to have the finger on the pulse must act fast and launch innovative products in the market as promptly as possible.


Fast Track Fee: Cosmetics development on the fast lane

Rapidity, until now, has not been a virtue of the cosmetics market. The period from an idea to market maturity in general is six months – or even longer. In many cases that really is too long. In particular, online cosmetics companies should react adequately to this fast-moving trend. Cosmacon with the Fast Track Fee puts cosmetics development on the fast lane.


What does the Fast Track Fee by Cosmacon include?

The Fast Track Fee means an extra charge of 1.000-1.500 Euro per product. An investment in promptness that pays off. Products pushed by Cosmacon Fast Track Fee have a shortened time of development of nearly three months to the organization of production.

To be able to guarantee that, we process the relevant customer project immediately after each step of development. For example, we buy the active ingredients for a certain project and – after the customer’s feedback – we make a product sample the same day.
If it corresponds to our high-quality demands, it is dispatched already the next day to coordinate with the customer.

The Fast Track Fee is suitable for whom?

Cosmacon’s Fast Track Fee is ideal for online retailers who are quick to introduce the cosmetic products into distribution, market via online and social media channels and want to use existing trends for the marketing strategy. Speed is a competitive advantage in the online business.

Also, start-ups with innovative products or active agents in their range with which they want to be the first on the market make a great profit by the Fast Track Fee. Thanks to the rapidity, they can establish themselves as trend-setters before all competitors jump on the bandwagon.

For established cosmetics brands, the cosmetics development on the fast lane offers the advantage that they are flexible to react to existing trends and can give their image a fresh touch. Speed and a reliable sense for trends are essential keys to assure their pioneering role in the field of exclusive cosmetics. Our Fast Track Fee makes it possible.


Please contact us if you want to have your products developed within a period of maximum 3 months.