Big Players

innovative solutions

Cosmacon is an Innovation driver in many fields. That proves the large spectrum of our products including skincare, haircare and certified natural cosmetics as well as color cosmetics and vegan trend products. Cosmacon’s portfolio also includes innovative cosmetics such as hyaluronan serums with an own-developed hyaluronic acid mix, solid shampoos, powder shower gels, tablets transforming to micellar mousse, or BB cream with color-changing beads.


Extended workbench of the big players

Thanks to our independence and flexibility, we are able to turn innovative ideas into finished products. That fact has spread around. Also major, established cosmetics company contact us for the quick realization of trends and innovative cosmetics. For example, we had a powder mix machine constructed that produces shower gels in powder form. We are the “extended workbench” for major development laboratories in search of solutions different from 08/15.


At the starting point of the innovation chain

Raw material suppliers constantly present innovative active agent to us and convey topical research results. A great benefit for our customers: That allows them to be the first to use new trend ingredients in their products – a real USP.

For example, Evonik has introduced ceramide precursors that strengthen the skin barrier – enabling completely new product concepts. Clariant has presented to us an active agent platform that does not require a constantly repeated recultivation of the plants but allows to obtain active ingredients by milking. Givaudan‘s cosmetics philosophy focuses on many upcycling ingredients, and BASF pushes sustainable raw materials obtained under fair working conditions. We are quite willing to share this knowledge, particularly published only in specialist magazines, with you.


The power of innovation: fair and transparent

We develop cosmetic products in an absolute transparent way. To us, that is a matter of course – but, by no means, to all developers. Many established brands have the problem not to hold the rights to the formula of their products. If they do not own the rights to the formula, the contract manufacturer can raise the prices enormously at any time. It is almost impossible to buy the formula of successful products because the contract manufacture would lose large sales. Therefore, cosmetics brands are in a price clamp.

You can avoid such a dilemma if you rely on Cosmacon. It is our principle that the finished formula belongs to the customer. That allows you to stay flexible at any time and independent from suppliers and contract manufacturers. You are free to grow as a brand and to build up its own values.


Always up to date

Whenever you want an especially speedy solution, you can choose one from our pool of over 550 pre-developed formulas which enables us to develop something new within a short period of time. Of course, our promise is valid: no other company will get your formula, it will be unique forever.

Subsequent to each order, we write to all relevant suppliers of active agents and call up the most recent ingredients, ideas, and concepts for this development. Our way ensures that Cosmacon customers always are up to date and never launch outdated cosmetics.

Please contact us if you want to join forces with Cosmacon to push your brand.