Own cosmetic line

Single-source cosmetic services: concepts, formulations designs, final products

own cosmetic line

As cosmetic formulation specialists and cosmetics product marketing experts, we are your ideal partner to get your own cosmetic line or cosmetic brand launched. We partner with you to develop the right formulations and recipes. We cooperate with you to see your product through from start to finish, concerning: product conceptualization, formulation development, final product arrangement or adjustment, as well as brand alignment of the final product or cosmetic line.

From planning to final release, we cover all organizational and developmental aspects of your own cosmetic line, regardless of whether you want to improve the performance of a product or whether you plan to design a new high-quality product with formulation consistency and performance certainty – and with the highest level of refinement.

Regardless of how manifold your business targets are, you have one contact point only: Cosmacon GmbH.


Brand positioning of your own line of cosmetic products

To develop and launch your own cosmetic line, a concept has to be drafted and finalized that should include a brand positioning concept. Amongst other things, the following aspects need to be taken into consideration:

  • Situation analysis and clarification of strategic targets
  • Development of cosmetic brand name
  • Development of logo, seal and design
  • Possible packaging formats and styles
  • Your particular scent or range of fragrances


We tailor our know-how (and services) to your own cosmetic product line

The cosmetics market is a very dynamic and continually changing market. Today, consumers can easily access detailed information on cosmetic substances, and are thus much better educated concerning cosmetic ingredients and what they can or cannot do. As a result, consumers have high expectations and demand high quality products. Owing to the World Wide Web, new products and active substances that are being marketed somewhere in the world today, are going to hit the news elsewhere shortly. Products that are praised thereabouts today will be known hereabouts tomorrow.

Natural ingredients as well as vegan constituents are increasingly popular, and much in demand. Natural cosmetics is a growing market segment, and the challenge is to produce the same results with natural cosmetics that you would with regular cosmetic lines. The products need to be compatible with the skin. We take extraordinary care that your own cosmetic product line will be highly skin tolerable, and dermatologically compatible. Your aim is our aim: we want to astonish your customers with an extraordinary skin-friendliness.


Our precept: formulations that are free of preservatives

We are continually screening and interacting with international markets, visiting cosmetic trade fairs and exhibitions, conventions, conferences and seminars; and we keep in touch with our partners in our global network of raw material producers, as well as active ingredient manufacturers worldwide. Fresh business knowledge and sure-handed up-to-date experience is readily available to our customers and will provide you with a market advantage, enabling you to keep up with the pace of modern cosmetic engineering.

We combine recent research findings of state-of-the-art chemical and organic engineering with our own experience of 25+ years in cosmetic product development.


We develop your own cosmetic line or product portfolio

We can provide a wide range of ready-to-market formulations that can be tailored to fit exactly with your own cosmetic design ideas as well as with a vast variety of directives, such as issued by BDIH, Ökotest; or compliance with eco certificates (e.g. branding: BIO), or cosmetic analysis testing requirements, etc. We offer fixed prices for development costs to make your development costs transparent, predictable and reliable. Thus, you can be sure of the product development costs involved for your particular cosmetic line.

The breadth and depth of our formulations are continually being developed in our laboratory, thus facilitating you immediately with our in-house services so that your own cosmetic line can be developed, produced and packaged close at hand.

Without exception, quality raw materials are used that have a proven track record concerning product performance and reliability. We also ensure that all byproducts are well researched and tested, and that possible side effects are known. This is how we ensure your product’s excellent tolerability and efficacy.


Packaging elements and final packaging of your own cosmetic line

Amongst other things, procurement and deployment of necessary packaging and raw materials are part of our service portfolio, just as much as organizational issues pertaining to your cosmetic designs. In addition to lining up raw and packaging materials for you, we can also make use of your own materials, if so desired.

Whatever we buy – you can be certain that we employ much scrutiny in regard to quality. We partner with reliable partners that are – in essence – the same companies that multinational cosmetic manufacturers work with.

We can employ the most advanced tests with the technologically most advanced analysis equipment available today. Leading-edge equipment is readily available to you that will detect contaminations and unfavorable substances of your own cosmetic line.

During the final inspection phase, product reliability and quality are validated.

Should there be a reason for complaint, we can assure you that we will treat your complaints with top priority, all the while remaining calm and professional in our treatment of unforeseen situations. Or main concern is customer satisfaction. We want you to be one hundred per cent satisfied and content with the cosmetic products we develop together.

The offer couldn’t be more attractive: zero risks for you plus a guaranteed high quality product that meets your design specification just as much as legal requirements and national / international declarations.

Legal requirements have increased tremendously. As full-service provider, it is our duty, pleasure and concern to comply with all legal frameworks pertaining to the cosmetic industry. All products are being developed, produced and documented in strict compliance with the respective current version of the European Cosmetic direction.

It is also possible to make Cosmacon the lead partner – responsible for the mandate. In line with legal requirements, product labelling and product notification are important tasks we carry out routinely. We appreciate collaborating with both safety and security advisors. Whatever you need you can book as a service module; you only order your design-specific service modules, and never pay for services you don’t need.

The service modules we can offer you are diversified and numerous: stability tests, packaging material tests, germ load tests, invitro and invivo efficacy tests, dermatological compliance tests; and tasks pertaining to market research right through to risk-based and/or security-based testing. All and more can be lined up, carried out and documented for you, in partnership with independent test institutes. We will consult you and will point out reliable partners to you that we have been in business with for over 25 years. Product reliability – which in essence is product safety – is our highest precept.


Carrying your brand or cosmetic product line further

Once your own cosmetic line has been produced, more work still needs to be done. To make your brand successful, we offer specific marketing and sales training for your staff that will make them familiar with the product’s ingredients. They need to know the scope of the modulation mechanism. They have to understand the efficacy of each and every substance, agent, ingredient; compound or additive – whether chemical or organic. And they need to be familiarized with the design and marketing concepts that tie in with the inherent “makeup” of your cosmetic brand.

To put you in a good working position, we service you with a variety of brand-related marketing and training items, as well as with special seasonal “product push” strategies: we develop flyers, brochures; we offer teaching and training materials; we create seals and nameplates; we draw up concepts for special seasonal product placements – i.e. big or small product editions, e.g. Christmas, Valentine, Easter or Halloween, etc. We come up with mini and maxi product placement series, if so desired. It is our aim and our pleasure to be at your side – not only for a short while but with a long-term perspective. It is then that we can be of the most value to you, as we can keep you updated on new substances, trends and innovations – keeping you in the know about main stream cosmetics just as much as about niche developments. If you or your customers need assistance with product developments beyond the regular and tried usages, we’re also happy to cater for the extraordinary, eccentric and rare.

Whatever your favorite design is – talk to us. We will listen.