Independence from certifiers


Cosmacon develops cosmetic products on demand which meet the high standards of natural or organic cosmetics, are animal-cruelty free or vegan. That is confirmed by seals such as Natrue, Cosmos, EcoCert, V-Label, Vegan-Society, ICADA, ISO 16128, sun protection products in accordance with the Hawaiian reef safe law, or PETA. Free of animal cruelty and environmental friendliness are essential sales arguments for many consumers.


How does the process of certification proceed?


To label a cosmetic product with one of the named seals the cosmetic suppliers have to sign a contract with one of the seal suppliers. After that, the certification starts. The process of certification in most cases takes a long time:

  1. Cosmacon submits the formula to the certifier.
  2. The certifier gives feedback which raw materials are accepted and which require the submission of further information. This step takes nearly four to eight weeks.
  3. Cosmacon requests the lacking details from the raw material supplier. That also takes four to eight weeks on average.
  4. As soon as all information is gathered, Cosmacon submits it to the certifier. Then it is checked again.
  5. The certification is issued.


This process could be repeated several times until the customer receives the seal for the desired product. Unfortunately, we cannot control or optimize this procedure – a disadvantage for the cosmetics suppliers. After all, during the many weeks of the certification process the product could already be manufactured. However, the seal required for printing on the packaging is not yet available.


Cosmacon certifies

Many of our customers want more independence from the certifiers. In their interest, we have decided to offer own seals for certain categories. These seals are based on scientific and transparent criteria.

At present, we offer two logos for vegan cosmetic products. The seals are registered as word-and-picture brands. A Cosmacon safety evaluator, within the scope of the certification conducted by us, inspects all documents related to the raw materials and checks them critically on any animal-derived ingredients.

This process is as valid as the measures of other certifiers. However, it has the advantage that it takes only two weeks and costs only 350 Euro – inclusive of seal use and certificate.

Our next seal to come is the label “We love animals”. Animal testing is forbidden in the EU since 2009. Advertising with claims like “not tested on animals” is advertisement with matters of course and subject to warning. Nevertheless, many of our customers feel a strong need to mark their products as animal-friendly. The Cosmacon seal allows to do that in a simple, affordable, and legal way. A further step to independence from certifiers.


Feel free to contact us if you want to have your cosmetic product certified. We offer you comprehensive consultation and fixed prices.