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Korean Beauty is out of date. The most recent trend in cosmetics is German Beauty and it is already on the point of winning over the world. The term “German“ in “German Beauty” means cosmetics “Made in Germany”. Hollywood is totally thrilled by the new trend. Stars like Diane Kruger swear by the luxury skincare made in Germany. Instagram has established an own hashtag for this hype in cosmetics (#gbeauty). What is it that makes German Beauty so extraordinary? How does the trend differ from Korean Beauty for example?


Why is German Beauty so popular?

For many decades, “Made in Germany” has been synonymous with highest quality, efficiency, and pureness. Until recently, foreign countries mainly associated German cars or German beer with that seal of quality. Now that has changed. Consumers and beauty experts worlwide have realized that German beauty can be equated with a promise of quality and absolute trustworthiness.

Particularly popular are German traditional brands and the so-called Doctor Brands, i.e. cosmetic brands with a Doctor in their name.

German Beauty represents provable results and – even more important – scientifically tested active agents according to highest standards. Consumers who buy the German products can rely on their effectiveness as well as on their quality and pureness. After all, German Beauty in many cases is developed by dermatologists or, at least, tested by independent dermatologists. German Beauty has the reputation of credibility and sustainability: two qualities globally gaining importance. Therefore it does not wonder that German Beauty is greatly admired by international stars. And there is also a second reason for the popularity of German Beauty.


Little effort, greatest possible efficiency

The Korean Beauty trend taught us that the sequence of many separate skincare steps can compose a complete routine. However, the combination of the separate steps requires a lot of time …. which today is more valuable than ever. In contrast to that, German Beauty makes us a gift of time because its aim is to achieve best possible efficiency as effortlessly as possible. That approach is highly welcome as increasingly more consumers prefer a simple and easy skincare regimen. They do not have the time and do not want to spend many hours in the bathroom. After all for most of us everyday life is really hectic. German Beauty is equanimous and unspectacular – features highly beloved in cosmetics. No superfluous frills, no hopelessly overloaded bathroom shelves, instead absolutely simple ways of use, saving of time, high quality standard, reliability, pureness, and effectiveness. A concept that works out and certainly will not disappear from the scene.


The cosmetics trend of German Beauty and its products

Producers and suppliers of German Beauty presently are going ahead to the full and setting a successful course. The product range is permanently growing. Two essential subjects of German Beauty are moisturizing care and anti-aging care. Day cream, night cream or concentrated serum, the aim of the skincare lines is to ensure the supply of nutrients and moisture to the skin, to slow down skin’s natural aging process, and to improve skin’s global appearance. A clear focus is on natural active ingredients. Many German Beauty products have antioxidant, invigorating, protecting, and anti-inflammatory effects and boost skin’s regeneration process. The German Beauty segment is completed with cleansing products and skincare masks. Also here, the focus is on quality and efficiency.


Which active ingredients are characteristic in German Beauty?

German Beauty is authentic only if the most important ingredients have their origin in Germany. The list of ingredients recommendable for cosmetics is really long.

An interesting example of a native plant is lemon balm. It has antiviral, antimicrobial, and fungicide properties and is particularly suitable for impure skin. Because of its circulation stimulating effect, it accelerates the regeneration of skin resulting in a younger appearance.


Portrait  Lemon balm oil

INCI: Melissa Officinalis Leaf Oil

CAS number: 84082-61-1

EINECS number: 282-007-0

Extraction: by steam distillation from the twig tips and leaves of lemon balm

Main components: citral, geraniol, citronellal, citronellol, linalool, isopulegol

Effect: anti-inflammatory, stimulates circulation, antiviral, antimicrobial


Also the camomile is indigenous in Germany. It regenerates skin tissue, stimulates skin metabolism, and because of its anti-inflammatory effect it is perfect for the care of impure or oily skin.

Portrait  Blue camomile

INCI: Matricaria Recutica L.

CAS numbers: 84082-60-0 (Chamomilla Recutita Extract), 8002-66-2 (Chamomilla Recutita Oil)

Main components: alpha-bisabolol, flavonoids, carbonic acids, coumarin

Effect: alleviates irritations, antibacterial


Grape seed extract scores with great anti-aging effects. The base is the secondary plant compound OPC (Oligomere Proanthocyanidine) which targets free radicals and is one of the most potent antioxidants availale. It repairs collagen which has lost its stability and strengthens skin’s enzymatic activity thereby boosting its protection against UV rays. Grape seed extract also helps to accelerate wound healing.

Portrait  Grape seed extract

INCI: Grape Seed Extract/Vitis vinifera

CAS number: 84929-27-1

EINECS number: 284-511-6

Description: extract of the seeds of red grapes

Main ingredients: proanthocyanidines

Effect: antioxidant, repair, protection, antimicrobial


Birch extract is a perfect ingredient for creams and emulsions. It cleanses, activates skin metabolism, refines the pores, and increases the volume of hair. It is often used in anti-cellulite products and skin-smoothing formulations. Moreover, it improves blood circulation.

Portrait  Birch extract

Description: extract obtained from birch leaves

INCI: Betula alba leaf extract

CAS number: 84012-15-7

EINECS number: 281-660-9

Main ingredients: tannins, flavonoids


German Beauty: cosmetics “Made in Germany”

German Beauty is a powerfully progressing cosmetics trend. Beauty products “Made in Germany” at present are causing a worldwide sensation stealing the limelight from the Korean Beauty trend to become a worthy rising star. German Beauty represents highest quality, first-class active ingredients, and efficiency. You want to realize a German Beauty subbrand with your existing brand? Cosmacon is looking forward to becoming your partner in the development.