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Our feet carry us all day long: they therefore deserve to be looked after and cared for. Just like brushing our teeth and cleansing our face, foot care should therefore also be part of our daily care ritual. With the right, high-quality products, this is no problem. Even if a good foot cream is at the centre of foot care, there are many other products that are simply good for our feet. However, when choosing a foot balm or other foot care product, you should never cut corners. Only if the product is optimally tailored to the needs of the feet and ingredients are used that are both effective and well tolerated can a positive result be achieved in the long term.


A wide range of foot care products for healthy and beautiful feet

A comprehensive foot care programme goes beyond the use of foot balm and includes a variety of other products that make a valuable contribution to foot health. Relaxing foot bath concentrates not only offer a well-deserved break, but also promote blood circulation and optimally prepare the skin for subsequent care. Special products for calluses and chapped skin are specifically designed to smooth rough areas and provide intensive moisturisation to regenerate stressed areas of skin.

A foot care line is perfectly suitable for your cosmetics. Together with Cosmacon you will develop your product, so that it will certainly be a successful start to building your own brand.


Refreshing sprays and nail tinctures for all-round wellbeing

Refreshing sprays are an ideal way to refresh tired, stressed feet. Not only are they pleasantly cooling, they can also contain invigorating ingredients that revitalise the skin. Nail tinctures, on the other hand, are specially designed to strengthen the nails and nourish the cuticles. This not only contributes to visual beautification, but also supports the overall health of the nails.


Foot scrubs and masks for intensive care

For in-depth care, foot scrubs are ideal for gently removing dead skin cells and softening the skin. Foot masks can also moisturise and apply specific active ingredients to the skin. This comprehensive selection of foot care products makes it possible to target individual needs and problems so that well-groomed, vital and beautiful feet are no longer an unattainable vision, but can become a reality with the right care.


The variety of active ingredients in foot creams: from zinc oxide to menthol

Foot creams differ significantly from hand or face creams due to their special ingredients. One example of this is zinc oxide, a proven active ingredient with antimicrobial and skin-protecting properties. The urea also plays a decisive role, as it not only softens calluses, but also has an antibacterial and anti-itching effect. Urea is particularly suitable for dry feet as it can optimally regulate the skin’s moisture balance. People who spend most of their day on their feet can benefit from cooling foot creams that contain menthol. This ingredient, derived from peppermint oil, not only has a refreshing effect, but is also deodorising and bactericidal.


Warming foot creams with ginger and capsicum extract and healing ingredients

Cold feet can be a considerable burden and impair sleep. A foot cream with ginger extract can provide relief here, as ginger stimulates the skin’s heat receptors and therefore quickly provides pleasant warmth. Similar effects can be achieved with capsicum extract. Panthenol, a provitamin B5, and chamomile active ingredients such as azulene and bisabolol are other important ingredients that not only accelerate cell growth, but also have a healing, germ-killing and anti-inflammatory effect. However, these are just a few of a wide range of effective raw materials that are used in the cosmetics industry depending on the area of application. For example, the oil of the manuka shrub can be effective against foot odour, while farnesol has a bacteriostatic effect and prevents the development of foot odour. Algae extracts, on the other hand, promote blood circulation in the skin and make the callus softer and smoother, especially in the case of callus problems. Other proven ingredients are allantoin, camphor, mother-of-pearl powder, tapioca starch and aloe vera, each of which has specific positive effects on the skin.


The most important ingredients of a high-quality foot cream at a glance


CAS number: 2216-51-5

Definition: secondary plant substance that occurs as the main component in mint oil

Effect: triggers a cold stimulus by dilating the blood vessels, but without affecting body temperature

Appearance: colourless, shiny prisms

You can find more information in our article: cooling ingredients


Zinc oxide:

CAS number: 1314-13-2

Definition: chemical compound of zinc and oxygen

Properties: colourless, hexagonal crystals, sometimes also white, loose powder

Effect: supports wound healing, helps against oozing wounds

You can find more information in our article: zinc oxide



CAS number: 23089-26-1

Definition: Main component of the camomile oil of true camomile.



CAS number: 97-59-6

Definition: occurs as an end product of purine metabolism in animal and plant organisms

Characteristics: colourless solid

Effect: accelerates cell formation and regeneration, soothes the skin.


Foot cream: for healthy and well-groomed feet

A good foot cream makes the skin soft to the touch and softens any calluses, refreshes the feet, prevents foot odour and supports the healing of small wounds. Ultimately, a foot cream is just as important for body hygiene and care as a hand or face cream. At Cosmacon, we are happy to develop a customised foot cream for you with carefully selected, high-quality active ingredients. Good skin compatibility is just as important to us as an easy-to-use texture and optimum effectiveness.




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