Cosmacon is excellently connected to contract manufacturers, packaging material distributors, raw material suppliers, and other important players in the cosmetics industry. That allows us to gain the best for our customers in every respect. For example, we cooperate with many different raw material suppliers. Thanks to our experience of over 30 years in the development of cosmetics, all suppliers know us.
And we are connected to all suppliers – in Germany and worldwide – by special platforms. On that base we can obtain every cosmetic raw material which is available worldwide.

In a pro-active way, our partner company Cosactiv takes care of sourcing of alternative suppliers so that we ideally know three suppliers per active ingredient and have examined their samples.  That provides us a reliable base to obtain raw materials – always and in best quality.  


Joint forces make things more affordable

Our contract manufacturers are connected to Cosmacon as a network and linked via the partner company Cosactiv. That allows the contract manufacturers to offer remaining quantities to partners in the network or to buy minor quantities. An advantage: Because not all contract manufacturers must buy the minimum order quantity from the raw material suppliers, more affordable prices result. Therefore, Cosmacon can offer good prices to our customers.


Best conditions based on our network

We have an advance on confidence:  By long years of cooperation with many partners and contract manufacturers, we have established consistent business relationships. Our partners in our network know that we pay the invoices so that we do not have to pay in advance.

We pass that on to our customers: We do not charge advance payment for production orders – a special advantage for start-ups and smaller companies. They often trade under the name of UG (limited liability entrepreneurial company) and say that it is difficult for them to find a contract manufacturer. Moreover, they do not have enough starting capital to pay in advance. Therefore, in particular smaller companies profit by using the excellent network of Cosmacon.


Platform with many benefits

Cosmacon is appreciated by our customers and partners as a multiplier. By means of our website, blog and social media channels, we continually spread news on innovations, active ingredients, and new cosmetic products of our customers. Thereby, we create publicity and grant an important jump start for the successful marketing of new cosmetics.